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ahhh very nice

A classic game wrapped into a variety of different perspectives. I like it alot... I like how the game has a theme, and doesnt distract from each other. And look at the file size! basic but advanced pong. Nice work :D


i sent you an email... drop me a line about it

zipperdeaf responds:

will do


this was just silly... and extremely violent... but what baffled me is the file size... its super small... good work man.

nice game

i like logic puzzles :)

questionf8 responds:

whoo hoo!

as the other guy said

this doesnt teach you anything, but the fact is the script itself does, how could you make a how to read and code actionscript tutorial?!?! great work! the car 'game' is one of the smoothest car movements, its dead on, reminds me of gta (the original) ... you should put together some kind of environment and make a good car game, i've seen them come out, similar to gta (original) but just dont quite cut it... great programming work, the ball game is a great basis for a variety of games... again good stuff :D ... tks, this url is bookmarked :D

nice nice :D

Good game, i have played a similar game in the past... these are quite hard... as far as improving your graphics, i would have some better explosions when the rocket hits objects. Excellent work :D

good game, i like your games

but again, could you tell me where you got the audio track for the neo delight logo on this and other games? I believe I wrote that track on the RM1x, and uploaded it to the rm1x community..In the release notes I noted they were copywrite free..so im not out for any money, just curious if thats my track or not??? Give me a reply here! Great game btw, its hard!

here are some suggestions.

you should do this again with a zoom in on the guys head... with the barrel coming in... and the only other thing to change is to be able to scroll your bets up... if you play a long game your finger breaks from clicking... excellent work none the less.

this is fresh stlyle here.

I love this game! what i really love is the fact that its 15k, great graphics, original concept, plus its comical... i expected a blam... well u got a 5 !

this is sweet

whats great is the nice licks you have on there... im not really into punk, but am into sequencing... so this is fun for me... definately the best synthesized metal sound i've heard!

I cant tell what time it is.

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