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you keep on pushing your skills... great work mr howser...as usual.


first of all, dont be so negative about yourself, not too many people can draw this well, or animate this well, so hands down great job. Get the negative comments about yourself off hte page, it gives people a preconceived idea about your film. Only thing I didnt like about the film was the quality of the audio with the voice, it seemed out of place, a bit of sound effects work would have helped as well. What separates this from a shit production and high quality is your production. I dont believe there is anything wrong with straight ahead animation...its stream of mind (just very slowly)...


JHansson responds:

OPS!! I didn't realize it sounded so negative. I do now!
I will think a little bit harder about that in the future. Still learning the audio part. I didn't use sound effects because i wanted it to be a little deadpan. Thank you for your input!

ahhh a different side of you...

Greetings, I dont know if you read your reviews, but I might as well take a shot at it SINCE YOU DONT HAVE A WEBSITE! WTF?!?! get a website... your toooo good not to have one.

I will state a few things... this is a review of all of the work I have seen from you, and i've been paying attention for a while dude. Number 1. Your getting better and better and better. Cigarette is hands down one of the best animations on this system.

I didnt even realize this robot peice was yours until I took a look at your other submissions, because something rang out about it. I actually thought it was the guy who did 'merry melony' probably because of the female robot voice was very similarly weird as merry's.

One of my gripes about your work... You havent yet embraced flash as an all around drawing tool. GET FLASH 8. Its worth its weight in gold! Cigarette. This is a favorite. The raster based backgrounds actually add to the element of the piece. But when I saw it in this, ehh... its lack of quality is showing. Do enough research into what you can do with flash's vector system and you will go for all flash.

That and the lack of website is the only gripe I have. Otherwise you have great work. I like the mental space this peice entered. Quite different from your other work. Its serious yet comical. Its an all around good peice. Nice work man. Your getting better everyday!

Drop me an email... I would love to learn from you.

well put

I have seen exactly what you have seen happen with the clock crew. I remember clock work being great, and it has devolved into a moronic crowd of wanna be animators. Im not saying im good, im very new to this scene, as far as flash animation goes. I have though been around for a long time, and saw a time where the clock crew was really pushing good work.... seemed more organized. I will never know the entire politics of what went down, or why the other crews formed, or any of that, nor do I want to know. All i know is that if you have a core group that can produce quality under focused vision, its irrelivant. I would rather see someone focused, then waste time sucking on fame, or spending hours in chatrooms/forums blabbering on about nothing... Long live the true heads that decide to thrash out and disolve ties they had because of bullshit. Pass an email, I wouldnt mind doing some work, or learning from you. Take it easy. Enjoy your freedom. :D



oh youth... how wonderful it is... when you get older you will realize that this was just a way of acting out your fears of relationships, of sex.. giving excuses for your fear that happiness can be found in other things. Happiness is an illusion, and its not necessarily 'found'. Sexuality and relationships are enhancing, not distracting from art... depending of course on the situation. I am an artist, and sex is one of my main influences... it goes hand in hand with music, drawing, etc. I have been in a relationship for 8 years. Dont get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with the way you are, or the fact that you are afraid or nervous in a relationship/sexual situation. Stick to the art, and you will find one day that those feelings you 'had' are gone, and here you are waking up next to some beautiful friend of yours... not knowing why it happened, or where it is going... but you will still draw... but this time with a new viewpoint :D


make my heart melt (like liquid acid sprayed on my bare breasts)

Muffin responds:

you're swell, lets do it.

ahhh the difference here

the difference is that most first flashes have 1. no plot 2. no background 3. no music. this had all 3, and i thought was really good, it had facial expression, timing was dead on and worked with the music... whoever was hating on you ... pimpinmish... uhh has made 0 flash movies... tell him to go screw himself, then steal his mentos ... good flash

BillyTheHobo123 responds:

Thanks, bro.


thanks for helping me be aware of something that is pretty obvious, but not so well put... newgrounds funds itself off of people who agree to contribute to the site.... this is the perfect place to put this flash... good song, good animation, good work.


This is a great work... the sound effects made it come alive... the whole thing was just alive... great work :D

beautiful work

Definately got a 5 one... embraces the autumn spirit in visuals, and audio... beautiful work!

I cant tell what time it is.

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